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The Fungooms lets Moms and Dads enjoy playing with their baby, toddler or preschool child. Here you will find fun games for kids of all ages. There are simple mini games suitable for toddlers and preschool kids. There are creative games, dressing up games, activities, educational games and lots more fun and learning. Mena will read you gentle bed time stories with charming cartoons. If you are a parent or carer and you have any problems or comments about the site, please contact us.

Fungooms Apps for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

Beeny App


Very simple games to play with your baby. Play the harp, pop the balloons, make patterns with the kaleidoscope.

Bodmin App


Simple numeracy bubble bath game, gentle bedtime game, remote control toy car game, musical trumpet game, magic clouds.

Looe App


Creative games and activities. Make a mess with coloured paint, Sculpt statues, create a farmyard scene with fuzzy felt or dress up your own Fungoom

Polperro App


Nature games, plant and grow tomatoes, clean the rubbish out of the pond, make honey for the honey bee.

Gumpas App


Discover the Dinosaur, match the building shapes, catch Gumpas' hat, Fly the airship and catch the fireflies, and take photos of badgers.


"Website Of The Month" - Junior Magazine, January 2012

"Simple, satisfying and ever-so-slightly surreal, The Fungooms is a charming and subtly educational website that aims to encourage young children and their parents to surf the web together.

Thankyou Junior Magazine!


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